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Welcome to La Casa de las Estrellas

We are an independent animal sanctuary located in the middle of the volcanic desert  in the north of Lanzarote, Spain. The sanctuary is a quiet place where all kinds of rescued animals can find a safe home to stay in peace and surrounded by love.

This place has been created by owner Liala Miliardi with the help of many volunteers and supporters. Liala has been taking care for animals since she was a child. Since the start of this project in 2020, animal welfare has become her main focus in life, and she has been devoting all her time and resources to the well-being of her rescuees ever since.

La Casa de las Estrellas is an independent association, acting with no governmental support and being based on limited sources of income coming from donations, events, sales at the second hand market and over a Facebook online charity shop.

Liala Miliardi as a kid

News and Events

El Trastero del Baifo

New opening: Charity shop El Trastero del Baifo

Our mission is to give a second chance, and now it's time to give a second chance to clothes, toys, decorations, and all those other objects that have not completed their cycle yet. Our second-hand markets are our way of financing ourselves so we can continue rescuing and helping animals.

The Trastero del Baifo opens every

Tuesday from 10:00 to 16:00

Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00

Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00

In Calle Tilama 3 in Arrecife

We are waiting for you with the bargains you were looking for


Every sunday: Charity carboot market Lanzarote a Caballo

La Casa de las Estrellas is at the solidarity car boot market at Lanzarote a Caballo every Sunday morning between 8am and 1pm. Come and visit us.

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Excursion at the sanctuary: Goat trekking in the desert

Are you looking for a special experience while staying in Lanzarote? Come visit our sanctuary and get in touch with the animals in stunning scenery in the middle of the volcanic desert. Currently available for 25€ per person every Monday afternoon at 5pm - contact us via contact form or Whatsapp.

A route with goats through the volcanic desert of Pino Gordo (Costa Teguise)

It could be said that in Lanzarote, the goat goes to the volcano, not to the mountain. So what better way to get to know the rural tradition, folklore and history of this volcanic land, than on a route along the edge of the volcanoes in the desert of Costa Teguise, accompanied by four rescued and loving goats.

The walk starts at La Casa de las Estrellas. Before the route with the goats through the nearby volcanoes, you will visit the sanctuary to meet all the rescued animals and hear some of their touching stories and anecdotes. This experience is an opportunity to meet the animals in their natural environment, with the care, respect and love they deserve.

During the hour-long hike, you can enjoy spectacular views of the desert, ocean and nearby coastal towns. This trail is easy, interesting and suitable for everyone. It can also be adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Guest Reviews:

October 2022 - "The care and heartfelt love from the whole gang and especially her (Liala) was just amazing. The animals were amongst the happiest and comfortable communities I have witnessed."

April 2022 - "This is a must do in Lanzarote - it’s a once in a lifetime experience & valuable in order to support the animal sanctuary"

January 2022 - "The animals were all adorable but the landscape was absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful, calm, peaceful sunset walk."

November 2021 - "Wonderful to meet all of the beautiful animals - hear their stories and learn about the great work that is being done here in rescuing animals."


You love animals and dream about including a pet in your family?

Consider giving one of our rescuees a home to stay for the rest of their lives.

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