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Many inhabitants of la Casa de las Estrellas come from a bad, abusive past, went through experiences of abandonment or spent many years of their lives in cages in one or multiple shelters before they arrive at our sanctuary. We try to make sure to create a living space for every animal that not only meets their basic needs and requirements, but also makes them feel like home. Nevertheless, our resources in space and time are restricted and thus, for a dog or a cat, it can be beneficial to be placed in their own, more exclusive family where they get all the time and personal attention they deserve. However, in some cases, an adoption is not possible, and these animals are welcome to stay and remain part of our family for the rest of their lives.


These former inhabitants of la Casa de las Estrellas have been successfully adopted and found their forever home outside of the sanctuary. We follow up on all our animals, and to see them happy in their new homes is one of our biggest joys.

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