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Thanks to our members, godmothers and -fathers, and business supporters, we can go on with our vision to make a safe space and a better future for animals in need.

Business sponsors

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Godmothers & Godfathers

Loretta (cat): Andreas Holz

Oliver (goat): Matthew & Tracy Smith

Nello (donkey): Morag, Lyn Phillips, Cecilia Caporale, Cristina Blasco Álvarez

Nella (donkey): Morag, in the name of friends&family

Maya (sheep): Sienna Taylor

Thay (dog): Donatella Salemme

Julietta (goat): Anke Leven

Elizabeth (dog): Nadia Ramírez Piñero

Dexter (goat): Deisy Méndez
Sirio (sheep): Cecilia Marta Bessonart Freccero

Nadia (chicken): Emma Bateman

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Susana Fondón

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